Refrigeration Service 

Our technicians have at least 15 years experience and will solve your problems in an efficient and friendly way.

We provide a guaranteed after sales service on our refrigeration and catering equipment to ensure complete piece of mind. We employ our own in-house service refrigeration engineers and also provide maintenance contracts for refrigeration and catering equipment.
Our refrigeration engineers and service engineers repair and install our types of refrigeration equipment, catering equipment, air-conditioning, and cold rooms

Services include:

  • Service of refrigeration, catering equipment & pharmacy fridges
  • Installation of cold rooms,freezer rooms, remote multidecks & air conditioning equipment
  • Preventative maintenance on equipment

Trouble Shooting  

See cabinet operation

Have the general operation & maintenance guidelines been checked?

Is power going to cabinet and are fuses & sockets working?

Is the condenser clean?

Ensure the cabinet is sited as per the instructions. It should not be in direct sunlight or in a position which restricts the flow of cool air to it.

Has the thermostat been incorrectly adjusted? Is the cabinet iced up if so it will need to be defrosted over night.

Have manufacturer’s instructions been read and followed?

When calling for service on refrigeration and catering equipment please check the following:

Serial number & invoice number relating to unit

Explanation of the fault

Full contact details including name, address and telephone number

Energy Saving Tips 

Regular maintenance and servicing of refrigeration equipment will ensure optimum operation of equipment and low energy consumption see cabinet operation.

Led or electronic lighting use less energy than standard lighting

Digital compressors use less energy than standard compressor

Sliding glass lids on display freezers have large reductions on energy consumption